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CISO Healthcare APAC

Connecting you to what's next in information security

22-23 November 2022
Online Event
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  • Tuesday November 22, 2022
  • Wednesday November 23, 2022
Welcoming remarks from Corinium
Opening Keynote
Security for Critical Infrastructure and What It Means for the Healthcare Industry
  • Policy changes around reporting of cyber incidents and how does it affect healthcare providers
  • Partaking in effort to shape a secure health sector practices and policies
  • Leveraging support mechanism from the government in reducing risks for cyber and infrastructure security

Emily Grant, Assistant Secretary, Industry Partnerships Branch, Cyber and Infrastructure Security Centre, Department of Home Affairs

Partner Presentation
Using Identity as a Core Security Control in Healthcare

The pandemic introduced new opportunities in healthcare; virtual health delivery is increasing, yet disconnected, and the focus is shifting to bubyeilding the holistic patient story.  Additionally, the healthcare industry now faces the highest average cost of a breach.

With that in mind, how can you ensure the right users are authenticated from a secured device when managing thousands of locations and networks across providers, employees, contractors, and medical and nursing students, while still providing a frictionless patient experience?

Learn more about:

  • How Aged Care and hospitals are evolving their security strategies to manage secure and easy access for users across devices and networks
  • Best practices for ensuring that your Identity and Access Management strategy aligns with your plans for Zero Trust
  • Guidance on providing seamless patient experience and cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance simultaneously

Anand Chinnachamy, Senior Solution Architect, Okta

Case Study/Presentation
Emerging Cyber Threats in Healthcare – How Does It Look like and Its Implications on Security Strategies
  • Understanding internal and external threats and different responses to attack
  • New technologies to prevent and mitigate attacks
  • Lesson learnt from recent attacks – what can be done to prevent attacks?


Tan Chin Tang, Head, IT Security, Pathology Asia

Partner Presentation
Work Protected: Communications, People and Data
  • Exploring the ways threat actor propagating threats through people and collaboration tools
  • Addressing the challenges of securing collaboration tools
  • Adopting AI as cybersecurity tools and understanding its application

Garrett O’Hara, Field CTO APAC, Mimecast

Case Study/Presentation
Cyber Security for Medical Devices: The Hidden Vulnerability
  • What are medical devices and general types of software related to medical devices
  • Addressing the challenges that medical device is vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and attacks as long as it has a software 
  • Exploring the principle of medical device cybersecurity
Adam Chee, Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre, National University of Singapore
Partner Presentation
Pain points: Ransomware Data Disclosure Trends

Gaining access to a network and holding that data for ransom has caused billions in losses across nearly every industry around the world. Threat actors have leveled up, using "double extortion" to maximize pain and compel an organization to cooperate. We can learn from threat actor techniques to protect data and restore operations from disruption. In this session, Brendan Laws, Director, Solutions Architecture. Asia Pacific & Japan at Rapid7 will draw from a first-of-a-kind analysis, consisting of 161 separate data disclosures, to unearth pragmatic actions for specific industries.


Brendan Laws, Director, Solutions Architect, Asia Pacific & Japan, Rapid7

Fireside Chat
Demonstrating Business Value of Cyber Resiliency to the Board
  • Aligning business strategy and objectives with cyber risks
  • Building a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and roadmap
  • Tracking value proposition and business benefits through cybersecurity metrics and reporting



Jenana Roper, General Manager Digital Solutions, Pacific Region, Schneider Electric

Sabarinathan Sampath, Chief Strategy Officer, Wire19

Welcoming remarks from Corinium
Case Study/Presentation
Building a Business Case for Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity in Healthcare Setting
  • Understanding cybersecurity concern with IT and OT integration
  • Deploying a combination of traditional IT cybersecurity products and services to mitigate new risks to OT
  • Applying the same risk management calculation that used to adopt OT for OT cybersecurity

 Daniel Garcia Gil, Healthcare Solution Architect, Schneider Electric

Partner Presentation
Safeguarding Healthcare Data Infrastructure by Design
  • Safeguarding your healthcare data from inside out – the challenges and new opportunities
  • Understanding the modern data protection for ransomware with Fast Recovery
  • The current state of security and redefining security for a new world


James Norman, EMEA Health and Life Science Solutions Director, Pure Storage

Case Study/Presentation
Embracing Remote Work for Healthcare Workers
  • Understanding the benefit of remote workers for healthcare organisations
  • Assessing any security and privacy threats and addressing them proactively
  • Evaluating processes to access and to transfer confidential information to ensure security of information


Paulus Susanto, Head of IT, Singapore, Fullerton Health

Fireside Chat
Exploring Strategies to Overcome the Infosec Talent Gap
  • Growing IT security talent within an organisation to avoid shortfall of experts
  • Shifting the mindset of cybersecurity as an encumbrance to an enabler and understanding the benefit
  • Fostering greater engagement companywide to empower individual to contribute to network security



Roshan Fernandes, Information Security & Risk Manager, Western Sydney Local Health District

Varun Acharya, CISO, Healthscope

Partner Presentation
Code Yellow: Healing Healthcare Technology

Code Yellow: Healing Healthcare Technology

  • The evolution of cyber-attacks and the current threat trends
  • Understanding ransomware, the use of social engineering scheme, and case study on past attack
  • Exploring tools to enhance security and applying zero trust model

Dave Lewis, Global Advisory CISO, CISCO

Case Study/Presentation
Paving the Way for Healthcare Transformation with Sound Infrastructure
  • Addressing the different pillars of healthcare transformation
  • Exploring the different layers of security – data architecture, data science, data engineering
  • Monitoring new healthcare technology and its vulnerabilities, and staying abreast of what future attacks could be


Angi Alfred, Principal Project Director, ICT, Health Infrastructure

Panel discussion
Enabling Healthcare Digital Transformation with Sound Information and Security System
  • Exploring the current advancement and progresses of digital transformation in clinical applications, and assessing the risks
  • Transitioning from a reactionary mitigation response to proactive position
  • Establishing framework for incident management to provide comprehensive protocol


Jo Stewart-Rattray, Vice President, Communities, Australian Computer Society



Leonard Ong, Senior Director, Regional Information Security Officer, APAC, GE Healthcare

Tan Chin Tang, Head, IT Security, Pathology Asia


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